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The Fire-Driven Life

Ignite the Fire of Self-Worth, Health, and Happiness with a Plant-Based Diet

by Vanessa Chamberlin

The Fire Driven Life by Vanessa ChamberlinThrough struggles and self-destruction, addiction and a search for love and acceptance, Vanessa describes the journey that led her to develop this philosophy.


Like many who find themselves unhappy with their lives, uncomfortable in their bodies, lacking energy and vigor, Vanessa never learned how to practice self-care and mindfulness in everyday life. Coming to a crossroads after losing her husband, Vanessa had two choices: keep doing the same thing, or open up for change. It wasn’t until her plant-based epiphany that Vanessa realized we have an opportunity to love ourselves fully, feed ourselves with the highest respect for our fabulous bodies, and become fire-driven through the choices we make regarding diet, exercise, stress management, and self-care.



Praise for The Fire-Driven Life

People are praising The Fire-Driven Life for its revelations on how plant-based eating and fire-driven methods for fitness and mental balance can inspire and support positive changes in all aspects of your life. Learn how the PlantFire way of eating has helped others achieve their goals—from weight loss, to reducing risk factors for disease, to dealing with loss, to practicing self-love and following their dreams while igniting a spark for life!

★ “This author has changed my life. I was one of her first students. I was an EATER and not in a good way. McDonalds was a friend of mine. She encouraged me with all the changes she was implementing in her life to implement in my life. My health picture did a 180 degree turn. I no longer struggled 
trying every fad diet under the sun. I realized I could still eat,  in LARGE quantities so long as I was eating the right foods. Plant based foods. I lost weight  without starving for the first time in my life.” —Patty Yeager, Amazon Review


★ “One of my employees enlightened me about Vanessa
and her plant based lifestyle. I first started the lifestyle to lose weight for a high school reunion and for an upcoming Mayo clinic check up. I was so happy to NOT have to count calories or fat grams or points etc. I lost 23 pounds and have never felt so healthy.” —Andrew F. Ferguson, Amazon Review


★ “Who knew a cute apron could inspire someone to want to make a healthy lifestyle change? Following Vanessa Chamberlin Houssels in her new book The Fire Driven Life is like taking an educational “How To” cruise to a new life of vitality and health and having fun along the way! Vanessa’s energy bursts through each page with easy step-by-step scientifically backed knowledge that can be easily followed on a daily basis to change your health, your life and the health and lives of your family. The Fire Driven LIFE will become your ‘go to’ book when you need the motivation, knowledge and confidence to get back on track or start a new lifestyle.” —Barbara Montgomery, Amazon Review


★ “I absolutely love that she is sharing her message and giving others an opportunity to have a life changing experience as well. This book encompasses so many valuable tools that in my opinion, exceed the diet prospect. Its a sturdy foundation that prepares you for so much more. This book has a permanent spot on my living room coffee table! Its a pleasure to read and view and I can’t wait to see what Vanessa will grace us with next!” —Christina, Amazon Review



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What’s in The Fire-Driven Life?

It’s not a cookbook, but it’s full of recipes. It’s not an exercise manual, but it contains a step-by-step guide to get you off the couch. Whether you are planning a party with friends and family, stressed about the curveballs life sent your way, need help with navigating the aisles of the grocery store, are’t getting enough sleep, or just need a gentle push (or perhaps a huge kick!) to get your life MOVING again, there’s something in The Fire-Driven Life for you.


There’s no beginning or end and it’s a book equally suited for the kitchen or the beach. Vanessa wants YOU to take action today and it all begins with getting this beautifully illustrated (yes, every recipe even has a photo) book in your hands. It’s not solely a book about food—it also has easy to follow guides on exercise, stress management, and meditation.


The only thing you need to get started is a willingness to open yourself up for change. Are you ready to improve your life and start loving yourself?


This book is for anyone who is ready to change. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, get your energy back, or light that spark inside yourself—The Fire-Driven Life will get you excited to love yourself and live a passionate, fire-driven life!

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What the Experts are Saying

“Vanessa and I share the belief that plant-based, whole-food nutrition can act as a catalyst for profound change. Her book The Fire-Driven Life is a must-read for anyone seeking a wholesome, natural way to radically transform their life from the inside out. Vanessa combines scientific data, common sense and culinary creativity into an easy- to-live-with plan that can act as a foundation for a healthier, happier you.” – Joe Cross, Chairman and CEO Reboot Holdings Pty Ltd., produced and starred in the documentary Fat Sick and Nearly Dead; Author of The Reboot with Joe Juice Diet: Lose Weight, Get Healthy and Feel Amazing


“Food is the fuel on which the human machine runs, and it stands to reason that a high-performance body demands high-performance fuel. There are reasonable variations on the theme of that fuel, but an emphasis on a bounty of unprocessed plant foods is something they all share. Vanessa Chamberlin goes beyond that, however, to note how dietary choices can also figure into our sense of purpose and self-worth. As a result, The Fire-Driven Life shines a bright light.” – Dr. David L. Katz, Author of Disease-Proof: The Remarkable Truth About What Makes Us Well


“It’s all here—the how and why of eating plants instead of animals, fresh instead of packaged. In additional to useful tips and glorious real-food recipes, this book gives you Vanessa herself as your über-inspiring, plant-based mentor.” – Victoria Moran, Author of Main Street Vegan and Director of Main Street Vegan Academy


“Vanessa Chamberlin’s The Fire-Driven Life is a passionate book that speaks from the heart about a plant-based diet.The world is ready for a new way to look at food, and Vanessa is an inspired cheerleader for a more wise and healthy approach. Get ready for practical information, important insights, and the details you’ll need to elevate your diet, and your life. If you’re wanting to take a big leap forward with food and health, then consider this the book for you.” – Marc David, Founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating; Author of The Slow Down Diet: Eating for Pleasure, Energy and Weight Loss


“Vanessa draws you in with her vulnerability & openness about her pain & struggles. Then ignites your drive to become the best version of yourself. This book might be the spark you need to transform your knowledge, your health & your self esteem.” – Dr. Brooke Goldner, MD Author & Founder of