Lovers of Lifefire

Sari Dennis “It is an ongoing pleasure to attend Vanessa’s nutrition and cooking classes. Bringing together like-minded, health-conscious women in a social environment creates a feeling of community, inspiring shared learning experiences. Specifically, my eyes were opened to new truths behind certain foods, such as dairy, animal products, and oils. Through Vanessa’s classes I began my own journey towards adopting the plant-based diet I now embrace.

Tasting and preparing delicious foods that did not involve an animal being at the center of the plate, was a whole new experience for me! I gained a sense of energy, learned how to nourish my body with whole foods, collected many delicious recipes, and made some wonderful friends. Vanessa’s desire to share her knowledge with others is so commendable; she herself is a shining example of glowing health and inspired living.”

– Sari Dennis, CHC, My Wellness Counts

IMG_2736 by . I am always so excited to log on to Vanessa’s website. There is new stuff to look at and getting around is easy. I went to her store and saw her cook books for sale on just the topics I needed; breakfast ideas, lunch ideas and deserts. That about sums up my kids’ day in a nut shell. It is hard to get them excited about eating healthy. The kids get so stuck on the easy bad choices. So when I downloaded her cookbooks and saw how easy and fun the recipes looked, I went out and bought all the supplies. Shopping was fun and the items were readily available!

So far I have made the peanut-butter carrot cookies. I offered them to my kids and their friends. They liked them and I loved them. The peanut-butter carrot cookies had a lot of good ingredients in them, including Juice Plus, rolled oats and carrots. I enjoyed reaching in the fridge and seeing something that would satisfy my craving. The cookies were fun and easy to make. I love using Vanessa’s website and I love sharing Vanessa’s website with anyone that has any interest in a clean, dairy free, meat free and/or oil free diet.”

– Kimberly Litt

Mike Minetti

I have now lost over 30 pounds since August 29th by following Vanessa’s dietary recommendations. The weight just falls off when you eat right!!”

– Mike Minetti

Joan Black Vanessa, it was wonderful to meet you and be part of your class today! You are an excellent instructor and I really like the message that you send to everyone. I even felt better coming out of your class about what to eat–every step in the right direction makes a difference. I am excited to find out more and share it with my family and friends.

Your company is making a positive impact and providing valuable insight on an important topic. Through resources like an Internet platform, I know you will soon have a national presence and create a global forum. (I believe in thinking big!)

I look forward to seeing you again soon. I know you are at the beginning of a phenomenal journey that will benefit so many! So glad to have you in my circle of friends … you are awesome!”

– Joan Black

Cassandra Rockwell

“I know someday we will see Vanessa on Food Network or on the Oprah channel helping millions feel great!”

– Cassandra Rockwell

Patty Yeager

Happiness is certainly a journey. Vanessa you have shown BY example what it takes to process the baggage we all carry. To keep your head up and keep moving forward. You have been very supportive through some really rough times. Self-worth, self-confidence, self-love, all starts with what you put IN your body. You taught me that and I am forever grateful!”

– Patty Yeager

Lynn Gilmartin

Vanessa is an amazing inspiration to so many people and she’s doing wonderful things for our world. Thank you for all that you do, Vanessa!! Xoxo”

– Lynn Gilmartin

Angela Goodrich

Thanks for posting this Vanessa. I’m using kale this week in your Popeye Would Be Proud Smoothie recipe and feeling great!”

– Angela Goodrich

Nicole Archbold

Thanks for the class today! I could have stayed longer and talked about food all day long! Everything was delicious!”

– Nicole Archbold