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The Plantfire Lifestyle is all about flavor and fun! All 21 of these terrific recipes will tantalize the tastebuds of your family, featuring natural sweeteners, whole grains, and healthy delicious alternatives to the usual list of fat-laden sugary cookies and treats.

Stay healthy and energized all year long while still indulging in your favorite sweet-tooth flavors! These recipes are not only delicious, but they can also:

  • Help you lose weight more easily!
  • Give you more energy!
  • Help you gain mental clarity!
  • Cleanse your system!
  • Let you enjoy clearer, younger, more radiant skin!
  • And more!

I know it sounds unbelievable to eat dessert and gain all of those benefits.. but it’s true!

Our “secret ingredient” is Juice Plus+ Complete® protein powder! You will be amazed at the smooth texture and great flavor, secretly packing that healthy “punch” of protein! You can serve these treats to your family with pride…and no guilt! While we love Juice Plus+ Complete® please feel free to use the healthy protein powder of your choice.

The Plantfire Cookbooks are all in eBook format. Upon purchase they will download instantaneously to your computer for your immediate cooking pleasure!

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