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JHP_1466When Vanessa Chamberlin speaks, you should sit up and listen. Open your heart and mind and hear this woman’s amazing story. A tale full of life’s ups and downs. Like all of us, she has faced adversity, and in her own fiery and special way, she has tamed the dragon, grabbed the fire, and made it her own!

While living and teaching a plant-based lifestyle over the past few years, Vanessa embarked on a journey of self discovery. By focusing on herself through nutrition, she found for her own Self-Worth, Self-Respect, and Self-Love. Vanessa’s passion is to share this message and expose as many individuals to the truth behind fueling your body, mind and heart with a healthy diet and grateful attitude.

She has a diverse range of messages pertaining to all those who would like to kick their life in high gear; from speaking at the Health, Healing and Happiness event to enlightening business professionals at Citi Bank Corporate.Vanessa’s presence, words and life-changing persona is a must-have for your next event, function, corporate retreat, or soiree!


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