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Set Yourself Up For Success In Every Way Possible!

It’s the time of year when people are either lamenting how much they are going to eat and how much weight they’re going to gain, or they’re about done with the holidays and are getting ready to make an attempt at changing their habits with the infamous New Year’s resolution.


The thing about New Year’s resolutions […]

15 Ways to Bring More Self Love into Your Daily Routine


Loving yourself is so crucial for overall health, but it’s a step that many people skip. No matter how much love we feel from those around us, if we’re not taking care of our own physical, mental, and spiritual needs for self-love and care, then we are depriving ourselves of true happiness.


It can be hard […]

5 Tips for a Happy & Healthy Plant-Based Thanksgiving (As Featured on HuffingtonPost.Com)


People often worry about how a lifestyle change—even one that is positive and healthful in every way—will affect things in their life that they already like. A tough one is holidays.  […]

5 Tips for a Healthy Kid-Friendly Halloween

Have A Happy & Healthy Halloween!


Halloween is such a challenging time for health-conscious parents. Everywhere we turn, people are offering the least nutritious, most sugary food around: candy! From classroom parties to neighborhood and family gatherings—there’s no way to avoid it. But if you are prepared and have some tasty, plant-based recipes in your toolbox, […]

When You Get Out Of Your Own Damn Way…

It’s Really Happening!



Well….. I just had my first 3 hour rehearsal with Tom Shuman (keyboard player with Spyro Gyra and Ronnie Rather who played for years with Ray Charles – they love love me!! I can’t believe it- they love my voice, my energy – my Me-ness and they are really excited to be a […]

The Fire-Driven Life: Love Yourself Through Healthy Eating

I was just searching for love. Funny how you can find love in unusual places! In my case, I found love at the end of my fork…



What do you picture when you think of the typical American woman? For some, it’s baking pies, fussing over meat and potatoes, and fixing owies. For others, womanhood is […]

Behind The Scenes- Book Cover Photo Shoot!

The greatest moments are created when you are doing a book cover photo shoot! All the emotions are bundled up into a ball that’s just waiting to explode. This special experience is a very empowering way to express myself creatively, which has given me an amazing freedom- to decide, to think and to act […]

The Law of Giving

Always come from a giving place, whatever that you’re doing, if the intention behind it is coming from love, you will never go wrong.

 The Law of Giving is 1 of my favorite laws. I realize is that whatever I want or desire in life, for example, if I want more love, then I […]