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The Path to Love and Happiness


Do those 4 letters strike fear in your heart? Do they make you giggly and happy?
Do they bring up past experiences?

No matter your current relationship with love, today is the day that we are going to give you a positive reaction to any and all forms of this most principle emotion. We’re going […]

Top 5 Benefits of Meditation

“Now, I know what you’re thinking, meditation is one of those,
‘HummmmDingaDing!'” -Vanessa Chamberlin
Here we are at one of my favorite, most content packed episodes of Lifefire with Vanessa Chamberlin. This episode truly sparks such excitement in me because I cannot wait to share the message of meditation with you and see your unbelievable results.

No matter […]

National Girlfriend’s Day!

I, Vanessa Chamberlin, Declare July 3rd to Be…
National Girlfriend’s Day!!

I’m just making your summer season even better with another reason to celebrate 😉

Look what happens when a group of girlfriends get together..

We’ve got tips on using coconut water for dehydration, an eyelash secret, a summer smoothie recipe, […]

Shoe Love Affair!

I’m Having a Love Affair… With Shoes!
Welcome to another Shoe-alicious episode of Lifefire with Vanessa Chamberlin. 

I’ve got a quick story for you about my shoe journey and tips upon tips for your shoe shopping trips!

Please stay tuned until the end of the episode for exclusive details and instructions on my Shoes Drive for the homeless […]

Lifefire 101

 “Lifefire is a Lifestyle
Lifefire is my life’s journey
And it is the roadmap to your happiness!”
-Vanessa Chamberlin
Welcome to the pilot episode of my show Lifefire with Vanessa Chamberlin!

This season is going to give you a new grip on all things health oriented, it will inspire you to be and do your best, it will […]

Lifefire with Vanessa Chamberlin (Promo Clip)

Welcome to My Party!
Lifefire with Vanessa Chamberlin!
This season is all about learning to love yourself from the inside out. I’m not just going to tell you what needs to be done, I’m going to teach you how to accomplish each step and equip you with ideas and tools to help you prosper!

If you’re a woman […]

Welcome to LifeFire TV with Vanessa

Hello and welcome to my newly revamped, reaccelerated, reborn,  and re-fabulized
(yes, I made that one up) TV show headquarters!

Lifefire with Vanessa Chamberlin is a weekly broadcast covering every area of a woman’s daily life-
Plant based diet, healthy and happy children, gorgeous style, and full mind and body fitness.

Lifefire is the umbrella […]