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Becoming In Tune with Your Spiritual Being

Is Your Spiritual Life and Every Day Life One in the Same?
In this week’s LifefireTV episode Vanessa  interviews Soul of Yoga founder, amazing mentor, and Mama Bear to those on their spiritual journey – Trisha Kelly! Trisha has an amazingly vast knowledge on all things spiritual and is here to give us tips on connecting with […]

Vegan vs. Plant-Based.. What’s the Difference?

Did You Know That Everyone Has a Hidden Super Power?
Do you know what yours is? Maybe that you’re a great mom, you have a killer smile, or the most caring heart ever.. But, did you know that it’s possible to take these amazing qualities and enhance them into action packed super powers!? Watch the video […]

The Ins & Outs of Farmers Markets

Discover the Beautiful Fresh Produce in Your Town!
Come with Vanessa on another fun filled journey as she takes you to 2 Farmers Markets that speak to her heart, soul, and stomach! Our first stop is in Viva Las Vegas, and then we jet set to San Diego for a little California orange lovin’! This video will open […]

Preparation is Key!

Are You A Secret Snacker?

In this episode of LifefireTV with Vanessa Chamberlin you will learn a simple, fun, and stress-free way to ensure that you stay on track with your healthy lifestyle! Watch the video below to get inspired and
live a vibrant life!

What are you going to do with your one […]

Health, Healing and Happiness – Round 2!

Do You Have Secrets?
Today is your opportunity to let go of the negativity, guilt, unforgiveness and pain. Take my hand and together we’ll work to help you release that baggage and live the life of your dreams! But first, if you haven’t seen part one of my speech at Health, Healing and Happiness then please take […]

Discover the Healthy Side of San Diego!

Hello, My Name Is Vanessa, And I’ll Be Your Tour Guide For Today!
Take my hand and come with me on an amazingly fun filled journey through San Diego!

In this special episode we’ll discover the best dining locations, the purest spaces of meditation, some very talented people, and the beauty of enjoying the little things in […]

Do You Love What You Do?

“Today is about being chic, fabulous, and awesomely gorgeous!”
On this week’s LifefireTV episode I have my business partner and co-owner of Vasari, Ardi Najmadabi as a guest host! Ardi takes you through some of the ways and reasons he loves what he does so much. Which at the root of it all comes down to […]

How To Love Yourself From The Inside Out

When you think about yourself what words come to mind?
Beautiful, Funny, Sweet, Chic, Intelligent, Compassionate, Amazing.. All of the above?

These should absolutely be some of the first words to pop into your head. You are a phenomenal person and you deserve to love yourself!

Allow me to introduce you to one of my favorite Lifefire brands – Chicfire, and equip you with tips to inspire your loving lifestyle. […]

Health, Healing and Happiness

“She’s Just a Girl and She’s on Fire!”
I am completely honored to have been a part of the Health, Healing and Happiness event 2013! This health-extravaganza was filled with amazing information, renewed friendships, and speakers.. and I had the opportunity to be one of them!

“And I have to tell you, everything was beautiful. My plans, […]