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How-To Have a Stress Free Thanksgiving

Welcome to LifefireTV Season 2 – Thanksgiving Style!
In today’s LifefireTV episode Vanessa piles on the helpful Thanksgiving info! First hear the story of their beloved family turkey – Olive! Then get taken to a place of preparation as she shares her 5 go-to tips for having a seamless, happy, and stress-free Thanksgiving.

Before we […]

Season Finale + Kick Sugar to the Curb!

An Ending is Only an Opportunity for a New Beginning!
Today marks the finale of season 1 of LifefireTV.. In today’s episode we’re going to take a quick and fun trip down memory lane, recanting some of our stand out moments from Season 1! But, with every ending comes a new beginning, a new opportunity, and new room for […]

Discover the Truth About Killer Oils

Can You Handle the Truth?
In today’s eye opening LifefireTV episode Vanessa lays out the truth for you about killer oils! No matter what you’ve heard before, this information is research proven and a must hear/read. Take your health in your hands and enlighten yourself by watching the video below!

I’m hear to shed some light on one of […]

Vanessa Interviews the Queen of Kundalini!

Would You Like a Method to Beat Stress?
How about anger, depression, addiction, fear, shame, your ego..?  In today’s special LifefireTV episode Vanessa Chamberlin interviews the Queen of Kundalini – Marcia Frescura! What is Kundalini, you may ask? Well, it’s not a pasta or a sexual move! Watch this week’s episode to learn more! Come with Vanessa and Marcia as […]

How to Avoid GMOs as a Consumer

In today’s LifefireTV episode Vanessa is going to break down GMOs and how to avoid ingesting these mutations.. Do you know exactly what a GMO is? Do you know if you’ve been ingesting them? Do you ever feel overwhelmed with trying to avoid certain elements when shopping? Vanessa has 4 amazing tips to help you […]

People Need People

It Takes a Village to Raise a Child!
In today’s LifefireTV episode Vanessa interviews the phenomenal Lexy Lionel! Lexy is the Founder and Owner of Nannies and Housekeepers USA a fully licensed employment agency specializing in providing a complete household staff. She’s also a board member for the Association of Premier Nannies Agencies and Las Vegas Executives Association.. […]

The Dark Side of Dairy

Tons of Calcium in Milk..? Try Cancer & Pus!
In this episode of LifefireTV I’m giving you the skinny as to why dairy is horrible for our bodies. I’m going to break down the top 6 Dangers of Dairy. This is one of our best videos to date – highly information (really gross) and convicting! Trust me, you do […]

How to Get the Love You Crave

Is Your Soul On Fire, Passionate, Filled with Love?
In today’s LifefireTV episode Vanessa interviews the ever-amazing, Tom Kelly! Tom is a former monk, an ordained minister, a motivational speaker, and co-founder of the Soul of Yoga center in Encinitas, CA. Vanessa asks Tom the questions we all have – How do we get the love we crave? How do […]

Connecting with the Community – Plantfire Potluck Style!

Potlucks Live to Cultivate a Sense of Community!
In this week’s episode of LifefireTV Vanessa gives us an exclusive inside look at her Plantfire Potluck! She will also list out some of the immense benefits of Potlucks; getting together with like minded individuals and enjoying a delicious, shared meal. Watch the video below for your weekly inspiration:

One of […]