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Beauty and the Media Beast

“According to Media standards
a beautiful person should and MUST be perfect..” -Vanessa Chamberlin

In today’s LifefireTV episode we are dispelling the lies that the media tells us about “true beauty.” Join Vanessa as she shares insight about the truth behind beauty by media, though unbelievable transformational videos, insights via women from the public, tips, […]

What’s Your Biggest Imperfection?

Hello My Name is Vanessa and I Am a Recovering Perfectionist!
Our Imperfections are What Make us Beautifully Unique! In today’s LifefireTV episode we’re talking about something that I’ve personally struggled with long and hard.. feeling that being ‘perfect’ is the only time I’ll be worthy, or able to achieve love from others. We all deal […]

Is Fear Keeping You From Your Dreams? (Part 5)

I’m Finishing What I Started 15 Years Ago..
Welcome to the Fear Series finale, Part 5 of 5! In today’s break through interview episode I am sharing my never-before-told personal story about fear. This story is so close to my heart and it’s an honor to be able to share it with you. I hope that […]

Do You Have a Fear Beating Mantra? (Part 4)

I Choose to Have Faith in Love, I Release My Faith in Fear
In today’s LifefireTV interview episode we have Part 4 of 5. We’re going to talk about filling you and your family’s toolbox with fear busting go-to methods, and discovering a mantra that works best for you in a time of need! Come with me into […]

That New Year Feeling!

2015 is Here! Are You Ready to Rock It?
Whether you’re a die hard “Resolutioner” or gave up the self-betterment craze years ago.. we all make goals for our lives! We all set out looking to accomplish a beautiful end result, and we have all experienced the eventual lack of motivation and the pain it takes […]

Vanessa’s Christmas Special!

Merry Christmas!
It’s Christmas morning and the Holiday spirit is at an all time high! I woke today with such a heart of gratitude for my friends, family, life, and YOU my amazing tribe. I’ve put together a heartfelt Holiday Special video to wish you and yours a beautiful Holiday.. but of course, I did it […]

How to Break Out of Fear’s Mental & Physical Holds (Part 3)

What Does Fear Really Stand For?
In today’s fearless LifefireTV Interview episode we’re talking about what fear truly means, the effect it has on you and how to overcome it in those dire moments. We will be delving into the disembodiment that happens when your mind is in a negative place, and you will walk away […]

How to Make Fear your Friend (Part 2)

Keep Your Friends Close and Your Enemies Closer
In today’s LifefireTV interview episode we are continuing to discuss fear and it’s many forms and effects on our life. Today is all about recognizing that fear when it comes around and making it your ally. I know this may sound strange, but after watching today’s video you’ll […]

How to Recognize and Manage Fear (Part 1)

“I’m going to protect you so that you won’t ever get hurt!” -Fear
In today’s LifefireTV episode I am going to introduce you to fear and teach you the tools you need to show your fear who’s boss! Watch this interview video and discover where fear is hiding in your life, and what it may be […]