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Vision Board: Clear Your Mind of Can’t!

Visualize your dreams into actions!
Think of things you’re grateful for each day, and watch your life change before your eyes. It’s another exciting episode on Life Fire TV as we explore all the possibilities that a great vision board can do!

Creating a vision board is one of my favorite tools to really help me bring my […]

The Law of Giving

Always come from a giving place, whatever that you’re doing, if the intention behind it is coming from love, you will never go wrong.

 The Law of Giving is 1 of my favorite laws. I realize is that whatever I want or desire in life, for example, if I want more love, then I […]

“With Kindness, Then Kindness is Returned- The Law of Karma”

Karma has gotten a bad rep! Some say, Karma’s a bitch! But I say, Karma- bring it on!
I love Karma and I love what it stands for.  Karma is really about choices! And I do believe that we all have a choice.

Today’s Life Fire TV episode is another tribute to one of my favorite sources […]

The Law of Pure Potentiality

Yes, I confess, I am a raving Deepak Chopra fan!

I felt empowered when I read “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success.”

Everything that I have ever desired, I wanted to feel, be, or do was actually at my fingertips, because we are all one. We are energy waiting to express ourselves.

Welcome to another episode […]

4 Minutes to Fitness..Anywhere!

We All Want to Be Fit and Healthy!
..But sometimes we’re busy, burned out or not sure what exercises to do! Being healthy and fit really does require a commitment to a daily routine. Today I want to share something with you that is so simple but SO powerful.. this routine is going to take your […]

How to Live in the NOW Moment!

We are All Overcomers and Life Lovers!
But that doesn’t stop us from hitting obstacles and encountering negative emotions. In today’s LifefireTV episode we’re talking about living in the Now Moment. Which I know you may be thinking, “That would be wonderful if I didn’t have all of these stresses and responsibilities.”

I’m not talking about throwing […]

Best Dressed or Best Stressed?

Are You Ready for a Stress Free Morning?
Everyday we wake up and we have to get dressed. For some of you fashionistas that is an exciting thought. But if you’re like most people that thought of ‘What to wear today’ actually translates into, “Oh my gosh, I have nothing to wear! I have a closet […]

Show Your Gratitude with a Love Box!

Valentine’s Day is About Gratitude, Love and Hope!

“..When we are in love we are open to all that life has to offer
with passion, excitement and acceptance.” -John Lennon

Hello Beautiful! Have I told you lately that I love you? Valentine’s Day is a great reminder to let those you care about know how much […]

Do You Have a Daily Method of Operation?

Do Your Days Start with Purpose and Clarity?
When we don’t have a clear plan for our morning we can’t properly accomplish our vision for the day. As we live each day we do what we can, but don’t you think it’s time to create your own Daily Method of Operation so that you can ignite […]