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Finding Your Why: What’s Your Reason to Change?

Finding Your Why: What’s Your Reason to Change?
This is a tough one. People come to me all the time looking to make a change, but when I ask them why, their reasons aren’t very sturdy. Sometimes it’s things like wanting to wear clothes that don’t fit any more, or a vague response like, “I just […]

4 Incredible Ways Plant-based Living Is Better For The World


I talk about many ways that plant-based eating is better for people. It promotes overall physical health, mental health, and strength, as well as love and self-worth. I have written about how eating plant-based can be inexpensive, fun, and good for your brain, appearance, and aging. But I can’t stress enough how the benefits of […]

Living In Gratitude, Each and Everyday!

Living in gratitude and thankfulness isn’t just something reserved for the Thanksgiving…but an every day habit worth creating…
Thankfulness is a difficult thing. It’s just part of our nature that we grow accustomed to things being a certain way. We live so long in environments that we forget how our lives compare to others in that […]

The Special Occasion Trap – 4 Ways to Avoid Party Pitfalls


Doesn’t it seem like there’s always a party happening, while there is still cake left over from the party that just happened? Do you feel like there’s constantly someone handing you drinks and desserts, acting like you’ll spoil the fun if you don’t partake? Has the Pinterest era driven us to too many celebrations and overly-decadent desserts? […]

A Little Post From My Heart.

Somethings in life are better the old fashioned way….

I’ve been enjoying a beautiful summer adventure in Europe. My younger daughters Bianca and Bella and I have spent the last several weeks visiting my eldest daughter Brittany and my sweet grand children who live in Berlin, Germany. The weather has been a bit bi-polar vacillating between bouts […]

6 Daily Habits for Year Long Happiness

Resolution #3 – Make Each Day Beautiful in it’s Own Way
January 3rd, 2014 – Here we are our first Friday of the New Year, 2 nights removed from our blissful celebrations, and 3 days of getting back into the swing of normalcy. The New Year is similar to a birthday.. you’re excited, there’s a big […]