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Vanessa Chamberlin - Health & Wellness Expert - Author - Speaker - Plant-Based Lifestyle Lover - Self Love Seeker - Proud Mom - Grateful Wife - Passionate About Life!

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Meatless Monday – Raw Orange Energy Bites

Delight In Every Bite!
Let the good times roll… in a ball of sweet healthy goodness! A delicious little treat in the most fruity and fun way you can ever imagine!


Experience the wonderful taste created by a team of healthy ingredients headed by the succulent oranges, delightful mixed fruits, crunchy almonds, and of course the super […]

Meatless Monday – Onion Crackers

Crunch Time, Fun Time!
Keep the crunch alive! Here’s a tasty trifecta of healthy seeds that will deliver a variety of high-powered nutrients in a crunchy snack.



The Onion Cracker offers a unique flavor that the whole family will love! It is an amazing snack that creates a different kind of sensation on the taste buds. The […]

Meatless Monday – Cashew Cream Dressing

A One Of A Kind Dressing!

The Cashew Cream Dressing is made in-style to plant-based perfection! This no-oil no dairy phenomenal creation is extremely delish. A quick and easy to prep dressing with all the healthiest ingredients you can imagine.

Cashews are the perfect nuts to go nuts for when making […]

Meatless Monday – Sweet Potato Nachos

Love Nachos!!!
This perfect snack will make any day, any time a killer moment- Sweet Potato Nachos! Loaded with lots of healthy ingredients and wonderful flavors, this plant-based nachos with a twist is definitely a delicious treat for everyone looking for the great chow adventure.



The grilled sweet potatoes will now be your favorite canvass to your […]

Meatless Monday – Cactus Scramble Tofu

“Tofu-ll” of Flavors!
Get thrilled with this amazing plant-based recipe featuring the flavors of today’s rock stars ingredients! The Cactus Scramble Tofu is something different and super exciting to start a brand new day.


Tofu is basically tasteless in flavor, which makes it the ideal partner for crafting the flavor you desire. Combine with all the flavors […]

Meatless Monday – Mexican Curry

Flavors of The Fusion!
A beautiful bowl of healthy and delicious ingredients come together for a warm fantastic food fusion delivered with love! Presenting the Mexican Curry that has a thick, deeply and savory sauce, plant-based style!



This dish is oh-so-good, which is bursting with Mexican flavors from the tomatillo and jalapeno merged with the comforting tastes […]

Meatless Monday – Spring Rainbow Salad

Full Salad-Swing In The Spring!
It’s that time again for fresh salads and I have got the perfect Veggie Delight that will thrill your taste buds to the max! The vital element to this exceptionally healthy salad is its super fresh ingredients.




It’s the ideal salad for this season when all these vibrant veggies- peppers, cucumber, radish […]

Meatless Monday – Butternut Squash Hummus

Savor The Savory-Sweetness!

Fall into spring with this delectable Butternut Squash Hummus! This ever so creamy hummus is bursting with all the amazing flavors that is the perfect companion for your healthy snacking. A non- complicated, easy and plant-based recipe that balances the taste of sweetness and savory, which is brought to us by […]