It’s the time of year when people are either lamenting how much they are going to eat and how much weight they’re going to gain, or they’re about done with the holidays and are getting ready to make an attempt at changing their habits with the infamous New Year’s resolution.


The thing about New Year’s resolutions is that they can work, but there are a few reasons that people usually have a hard time sticking to them. First of all, if it feels like you’re obligated to make a resolution and you make one without a plan, then you’re not going to stick to it. You have to really want to change. Second, if you’re making a physical resolution like losing weight, working out, eating healthier, or quitting smoking, you will likely need to pick up some gear and have an idea of how to actually accomplish your goal.


One common reason that people fail at a resolution or really any goal is that they don’t have clearly defined success. Think about the resolution: “I want to eat healthy.” Well, what’s healthy to you? How do you measure that? Every day, or most days, or 80% of the time? Even with common phrases like “eating clean,” it’s not always easy to fit food into those categories. This is where Plant-Fire eating can be a big help. If you say that you want to follow Plant-Fire eating, then you’re giving yourself some room for healthy treats and a little flexibility, but you can be sure that you’re eating a very nutritious diet. Just make sure whatever you do that you clearly define the goal.


Set yourself up for success in every way possible. If you’re trying to get 30 minutes of exercise each day, sign up for a gym close to work, find a running buddy, get a tracking device like a pedometer or Fitbit, put together a fun gym bag, grab a new workout outfit, sign up for classes or get a trainer, and put reminders in your phone. Seriously, you need to be 100% prepared to accomplish your goal!


If your goal is food-related, make your meal plans, get your favorite cookbook ready, pick up a food journal, get together all of the dishes and utensils you’ll need, and have a go-to shopping list ready and saved so that you always know what to pick up no matter how busy or un-creative you’re feeling.


Typically the reward for reaching your milestones or your ultimate goal is the actual goal itself: if your goal is to lose 20 pounds, then each pound lost is a reward, right? But if you’re goal is to change an eating habit or something more abstract like being more forgiving, then maybe you want to set up some rewards for yourself. Set up a schedule for you or with a buddy where you check-in after the first week and see how it’s going. Then again a few weeks later, and maybe monthly from there. It’s perfectly okay to set up rewards for yourself at those intervals. If a pedicure, new cookbook, or your favorite accessory keeps you motivated to keep going until your resolution is just one of your regular habits, then it’s worth it!


No matter what happens, don’t give up. It’s okay if you change your goals a little, but the best thing to do is to have realistic and reachable goals in the first place so that you don’t lose momentum after the novelty wears off. I’d really encourage readers to make comprehensive life changes, too. Sure, eating a little better is good, or walking more is good, but if you get

interested in healthy eating and drinking water, you’ll find that you’ll have more energy to get moving, so exercise will be easier. You’ll sleep better and be less stressed, clearing up your mind to work on other aspects of mental clarity and holistic health. This is why I’ve developed the Fire-Driven lifestyle to encompass several different parts of your life. They are all connected, and you will achieve so much if you love yourself and work on healthy eating, exercise, and stress management all together.


Trust me, if you turn New Year’s into a celebration of life and vitality, giving thanks for your year of blessings and turning your focus inward to see how you can improve, you will be a success and you’ll be happy that you took the opportunity to make changes now!



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