Loving yourself is so crucial for overall health, but it’s a step that many people skip. No matter how much love we feel from those around us, if we’re not taking care of our own physical, mental, and spiritual needs for self-love and care, then we are depriving ourselves of true happiness.


It can be hard to develop self-love as a habit. Many of us are working against years of poor relationships, parents who didn’t instill that love in us, or the heavy burden of societal pressures to always do more and be better than others. For that reason, I suggest using easy tips to work self love into your daily routine. Start slowly if you need to, and leave yourself notes and reminders. Just make sure that you are being kind to yourself and focusing on the positive aspects of who you are.


Here are 15 ways to bring more self love into your daily routine.

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In the Morning:

  1. Before you get out of bed, think about one thing you’d like to accomplish for yourself today.
  2. Put positive notes on your mirror and look at them each morning.
  3. Wear something that makes you feel fabulous because you are fabulous!
  4. Tell yourself that you’re going to do great today, whether it’s just leaving your bedroom, or leaving your house for faraway adventures!
  5. Before you start your tasks for the day, take a second to think about how hard you’ve worked to get where you are, whether it’s supreme patience as a caregiver or pouring yourself into career pursuits or life as a steadfast student of others.


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During the Day:

  1. Drink water to feel good, but treat yourself by infusing it with fruits and herbs.
  2. Forgive yourself if you make a mistake.
  3. Don’t dwell on qualities that you think are negative, whether it’s being forgetful or running late. You’re doing your best.
  4. Keep a list of affirmations handy and say them to yourself at least once a day.
  5. Take a few minutes to sit in quiet reflection. Let your mind rest, then think something positive about your life.


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Before You Go to Sleep:

  1. Compliment yourself on something you did well or something you learned.
  2. Plan out a healthy breakfast for the following day.
  3. Same for lunch!
  4. And dinner! Or, at least make time to get the plant-based ingredients you’ll need to fuel your beautiful self.
  5. Make sure you got in a workout, whether it’s a morning run, afternoon stop at the gym, or an evening walk or yoga.

If you make a list like this for your day and start reminding yourself to follow them as much as you can every day of the week, I guarantee you’ll start feeling better about everything. You will glow, and your health—physical and mental—will improve. If you feel awkward doing these things at first, or feel like you’re lying, that’s okay. Just keep doing it and you will find that your feelings become more sincere over time as you realize that you are the most valuable person in your life. Just don’t cut yourself down before you have a chance to try it. Give yourself time and put effort into developing the relationship with your self and see what self-love can do for you!


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Question:  What other ways can you think of on how to give yourself love and care?  I would love to hear from you, so post your feedback in the comments section below!

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