A Creamy Adventure of Food and Love!

The rich and luscious Butternut Bisque With Cauliflower is definitely going to put a smile on your face as you savor the warmth and creaminess of each spoonful in this rainy pre fall season.

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In this bisque, the concoction of all the flavorful veggies and spices adds a touch of charm and a feeling of comfort that builds as you eat. The mixture of butternut squash and cashews is a match made in heaven. Then, excitement is added with the texture and aroma of the cauliflower, the corn and the dried thyme… such pure joy!

Butternut Bisque Bliss!

This Butternut Bisque is super simple to make and tastes amazingly delicious. It is dairy and oil-free so you can splurge and enjoy a bowl or two with a guilt-free feeling. It’s such a winner that I guarantee you will make over and over again, with an intention of eating the left overs for lunch the entire week!

Of course, a plant-based recipe is always about tastiness and nutrition! Cauliflowers are known to be rich in fiber and promote healthy cholesterol level. Cashews on the other hand are packed with antioxidants, iron and zinc, which are all important for maintaining good bodily function. Of course, the butternut squash is the star of the show that is definitely a nutritional rockstar with all the benefits namely…


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Now it’s time for you to stop dreaming, and start eating… Enjoy the flavor fest!


Creamy Butternut Bisque With Cauliflower


2 cups butternut squash, diced

2 cups cauliflower florets, chopped

2 cups vegetable broth

1 tablespoon cornstarch mixed with 3 tablespoons of cold water

½ teaspoon dried thyme

2 tablespoons raw cashews

½ cup frozen corn

1 shallot, diced

2 cloves of garlic, minced

2 tablespoons fresh cilantro, chopped, plus for garnish

sea salt and pepper to taste



  1. In a big pot, sauté with water, the shallot, garlic and thyme for about 4 minutes.
  2. Add the butternut squash and vegetable broth, and bring to a boil for about 10 minutes. Then transfer to a blender. Blend it with the cornstarch mixture and cashews until very creamy.
  3. In the same pot, sauté with water the cauliflower and corn for about 5 minutes. Put butternut squash mixture in the pot together with the cauliflower and corn, and cook for about 3 minutes. Season with salt and pepper.



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