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Well….. I just had my first 3 hour rehearsal with Tom Shuman (keyboard player with Spyro Gyra and Ronnie Rather who played for years with Ray Charles – they love love me!! I can’t believe it- they love my voice, my energy – my Me-ness and they are really excited to be a part of my dream in putting this Jazz band and show together!


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They said they didn’t know what to expect with me or my voice!  And they both said how in the world could you ever think you aren’t enough – and how sad the world has not gotten to hear you and your voice until now!!!

We jammed we laughed we got down deep in the soul of each of my songs…. And I didn’t want it to end- I just wanted to keep going! Tom and Ronnie looked at me and said your like this beautiful child who is excited and is coming out to play- this is what we want to be around- we are so tired of playing in the negative energy of people who are so miserable in there lives. The Icing on the vegan cake was that they had both googled me and were crazy about my nutrition path and both were asking nutrition advise and even invited me to meet with their wives to talk all things nutrition. 😀


For those of you who don’t know my back story, after recording my first album I gave up singing almost 15 years ago because of the fear of I’m not good enough. For nearly a decade I didn’t sing a single word , even in the privacy of my own home. Fear all but strangled the one thing that brought me so much joy. The only reason I am able to pick up the microphone again is because of The Fire Driven Lifestyle that I now lead. As crazy as this may seem, my self-esteem slowly began to build with each bite of nourishing plant-based foods that I consumed. My energy levels began to soar and the low level depression that had been a constant companion much of my life began to lift. With a solid diet and workout routine in place, I finally had the courage to get still and meditate.Meditation was the final piece of The Fire Driven life ,It’s what enabled me to start listening to my soul. I have to admit it was scary but when I got still and listened my inner self had so much to say.
One early morning barely two years ago As I began to meditate,tears began to roll down my cheeks. Visions of me singing for my grandma Lola in her kitchen began to appear. I clearly remember how much joy I felt singing for her. I remember tears running down her cheeks as I sang Delta Dawn…My 12 year old pubescent voice had touched her soul. It was a magical moment. In that moment of inner reflection I had a revelation. I realized that If I would simply shift my thinking to singing for the joy of it instead of the perfection of it then maybe just maybe I could find the courage to sing again. It is with this mantra “Sing for the joy of it not the perfection of it” that has allowed me to take the steps necessary to realize my life long passion and dream of singing. To bring joy to those who listen and to bring joy to my heart that feels so full when I am singing is indescribable.
What I know for sure is that without the solid foundation of The Fire Driven Lifestyle that I lead and share with all of you I am almost certain that the music within me would have never come back out to play. What we feed our mind and body has such a profound effect on everything. I want to thank all the people who have supported me since Day 1, and that is YOU. I have said many times that as a coach,all I want is to be the safe place for other’s to land. What I have discovered along the way is that my students and those that have showed up to here me speak have become the safe place for me to land. You all gave me the courage to dream again- I will not let the music die within me!!!!💞 What dreams and desires are stirring inside of you? Its not to late …As Long as there is air in your lungs and a beat in your heart. I invite you to take a moment and reflect on what “could be” if you began to adopt a Fire Driven lifestyle. When you have vibrant health and happiness you have the foundation for greatness in all areas of your life! Make today the day that you too begin to realize your own dreams…Let My book ‘The Fire Driven Life: How To Ignite The Fire of Self-Worth, Health,and Happiness with a Plant Based Diet’ be the fuel that feeds your own inner flame.

Dreams really do come true when you get out of your own damn way! So stop waiting! Live the dream that you’ve always carried in your heart, and be not afraid that people will judge you.  You are the best thing that ever happened to yourself. You have always had what it takes to succeed, just believe and begin to take action.  Ignite that flame inside of you.


Beautiful Healthy Hugs, V

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