A Citrulicious Tasty Treat!

The vibrant, sweet and juicy oranges are the star of today’s #MeatlessMonday treat! An amazing, bright flavor that gives you a fruitilicous kick as the cold and refreshing sorbet settles in your mouth.

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Featuring my talented beauty Bella in my plantfire kitchen, her signature Orange Sorbet is a sure hit, especially during these days, where everyone craves for something cool, frozen and invigorating.

This non-fat, non dairy recipe is so simple as seen on the video.

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You and your lil’ ones will surely have fun making it for the coming weekend, or for a party, or for a just because day! =) With the combination of lemon juice, fresh apple and homemade lemonade- the taste is perfectly balanced and simply delightful. It’s an absolute treat for your taste buds as it has a sweet and slightly tart flavor that you cannot resist.

Loaded with Vitamin C, this wonderful cooler is going to be your new favorite treat. Healthy and delicious as it has all the nutritional benefits that a flavored snack can offer, starting with our main ingredient, the oranges…

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It’s time to take a break and re-energize!

Bella’s Orange Sorbet



1 pc orange

1 teaspoon lemon juice

homemade lemonade

½ apple



  1. Cut orange in half. Take the half and scoop the inside using an ice cream scooper. Make sure to keep the inside firm for later.
  2. In a blender, add the lemon juice, the scooped orange, apple, and homemade lemonade. Blend until desired consistency is achieved.
  3. Pour the juice mixture into the carved out orange then place a plastic to cover the orange. Put the orange in the freezer for an hour or until its frozen.

*You can do this with as many oranges as you like =)

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Question: How much do you love sorbet? What other ingredients do you wish to add to this plant-based recipe?  I would love to hear from you, so post your feedback in the comments section below! Send in your request recipes too!

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