The greatest moments are created when you are doing a book cover photo shoot! All the emotions are bundled up into a ball that’s just waiting to explode. This special experience is a very empowering way to express myself creatively, which has given me an amazing freedom- to decide, to think and to act where my heart leads me.

The photo shoots I have done so far have actually inspired me to continue living the dream I once pushed aside.

Looking back…….. this dream I once had, has clearly taken the back seat for more than 15 years. These behind the scene photos are supposed to be for my very first recording album, which I buried with the help of fear.


recording by .


TODAY, I am ready to face my latest challenge. With nobody there to tell me I wasn’t good enough, or thin enough or to criticize my imperfection and point out my insecurities, I conquered the bright flashes of the limelight once again.


Let me open up a secret, the huge surprise happened once I started posing in front of the camera! I have entered my own little world and the fear quickly disappeared! I AM REALLY HAVING FUN! Having fun in the truest essence of it all… well, here’s what I mean…




big laugh by .


And when you’re having fun, your creative juices start to flow naturally. There have been numerous shoots I have done, with the help of my team to create the most magnificent book cover for my baby. The best covers are always a result of great teamwork. Ideas, test shoots and countless brainstorming were involved so we could come up with the real deal that would align with my vision and would speak to my tribe. Lastly, and most importantly, I hope this experience of mine will fire-up the creative side in you and that your fears will not be a hindrance to any goal you have in life.

And finally, the big reveal….



VC Facebook cover photo_BOOK_BUY NOW by .

Beautiful Healthy Hugs, V

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