Crunch Time, Munch Time!

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Enjoy the last days of summer by making one of the best snacks in the planet! Today, I unveil my biggest surprise- my blue-eyed beauty Bella will be in charge of my Plantfire kitchen as she demonstrates how to make a healthy version of my favorite potato chips!

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You can use any type of potato for this recipe but for now, my beautiful chef has opted to use sweet potatoes! This recipe is super easy to make! Plus there’s not much ingredients to worry about so fire away and let yourself and your family indulge in this yummy and vibrant potato chips. Health-wise, these potatoes have so much nutritional benefits to offer, click here to find out!

Your newest chip obsession is waiting for you! Come and get it!

Bella’s Potato Chips

sweet potatoes (depends on how much you want to make)

vegan butter (optional)

Salt and pepper for seasoning



1. Peel your sweet potatoes and slice into thin circles. Lather just a little bit of vegan butter and seasoned it with salt and pepper. Place them in a panini press and sear until crispy!

  1. Serve and enjoy!


Question: What is your perfect partner for this all time favorite snack attack? I would love to hear from you, so post your feedback in the comments section below! Send in your request recipes too!

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