Somethings in life are better the old fashioned way….

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I’ve been enjoying a beautiful summer adventure in Europe. My younger daughters Bianca and Bella and I have spent the last several weeks visiting my eldest daughter Brittany and my sweet grand children who live in Berlin, Germany. The weather has been a bit bi-polar vacillating between¬†bouts of rain, wind, cold and hot. But Alas summer finally seems to have arrived in Berlin and the sun has been shining for the last couple of days!
This morning I woke in our quiet Berlin Apartment with the girls still happily snuggled fast asleep in bed. I poured myself a delicious cup of early grey tea with soy, sat down to the kitchen table as the morning sunlight slowly spilled into the room and I pulled out my stack of post cards. One of my favorite things to do when traveling is to send post cards from wherever my latest adventure’s have taken me. I have always had a love affair with receiving mail too. There is something so special about opening the mailbox to find a handwritten note.
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As I began to write to my favorite friends and family, I was immediately brought back to my first memory of letter writing. I vividly remember putting my envelope into the mailbox with the heartfelt excitement of receiving a return letter sooner than later. My mamaw aka grandma taught me when I was no more than 9¬† years old that if I would write and mail her a letter she would be happy to send me a letter in return. For the next 11 years, she and I exchanged many heartfelt letters filled with excitement, heartache, and the best advice only a grandmother could give. Sadly my mamaw passed away when I was only 19 years old from pancreatic cancer but her love of writing stuck with me and I’ve happily carried on the tradition.
My reason for sharing this today is because as much as I love the instant gratification of email and text…There is nothing that can replace the handwritten word. In a world that’s filled with so much technology, the human touch of our hearts can get lost. There is an extra level of love, class, sophistication and care that I feel when I receive a written letter.
I hope this little post from my heart inspires you to pick up your pen and send someone an unexpected little love note. If you haven’t handwritten a letter in a while it may feel a little strange but I promise that it’s just like getting back on the bicycle. It feels exciting and magical as your pen captures your feelings. Your thoughts will magically be flowing in no time just like the breeze that blows effortlessly in your hair as your peddling along. The very best part of of the art of old fashioned letter writing is that you will be bringing an unexpected gift to the one receiving your letter. Yup letter writing works two-fold. It feels good to give and it feels good to get…Its a win-win!
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I’m off for another day of fun and adventure in Berlin…Better get these letters to the mailbox so they can make their way to the U.S. before I return!
Happy summer day!
Beautiful Healthy Hugs,