Visualize your dreams into actions!

Think of things you’re grateful for each day, and watch your life change before your eyes. It’s another exciting episode on Life Fire TV as we explore all the possibilities that a great vision board can do!

Creating a vision board is one of my favorite tools to really help me bring my dreams into reality.  This powerful tool serves as your image of the future – an actual illustration of where you want to go. It embodies your dreams, your goals, and your ideal life.

Creating a vision board is so easy, but I think it’s a little misunderstood. Oftentimes people would just think it’s a bunch of image on a board… and what the heck do you do with it?  Well I’m here to take away all the mysteries and misconceptions about it and give you some simple steps, to make the most effective vision board imaginable.

First thing- you need materials such as: poster board, favorite magazines (with amazing photos and cool quotes if you have), scissors, glue stick, sharpie or colored pens and any creative trinkets you might want to include.

Most important of all, you need your GOALS, your DREAMS, and your ACTION STEPS.

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Creating a vision board is as simple as A-B-C, just put your H-E-A-R-T to it!

1. Focus on a specific goal.
Ask yourself, what goals do I want to achieve, and then narrow them down. You have to be focused on one single goal to maintain clarity. In my case, my latest vision board focuses on bringing back my singing career. Remember this- being specific doesn’t mean you have to forget all the other dreams, you just need to simplify.

2. Plan your goal with all the details.
For example, who are the people that can support you achieve this goal? How do you want your goal to feel, to look, and to be? What do you need to do to set yourself up for success? Make it a full-on taste, feel, and touch experience. Then go to your magazines and tear out the images that feel right for you. It is very important that your photo (as in your face) must be in the board. =)

3. Put your vision board in a place where you can see it several times a day.
It’s a critical thing to do, as it will remind you from time to time to push forward towards your goal.

4. The biggest step in achieving your goal is to take ACTION.
So for me, if I want to get back on track with my singing career, I need to do what must be done! I train every week with my voice coach. I exercise, eat healthy and get enough rest and sleep everyday because I need to have my endurance. No matter what your goal or dream is, you have to take action steps. Don’t just sit there and wait for things to happen- because they won’t! You need to take one little step at a time to bring you closer to that dream.

It’s so much fun creating a vision board! If you’ve already defined your dreams, then it’s now time to visually illustrate them!

QUESTION: Now in the comment section, I want to know what is your greatest and most powerful desire and how you plan on achieving them with a vision board? How did a vision board help you realize your goals? I would love to hear your thoughts and stories! Also, if you have a vision board, please share pictures with me! It will be a blast seeing all those inspiring images!

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