Always come from a giving place, whatever that you’re doing, if the intention behind it is coming from love, you will never go wrong.

 The Law of Giving is 1 of my favorite laws. I realize is that whatever I want or desire in life, for example, if I want more love, then I need to give more love; if I want more abundance in my life, then I have to share my blessings; if I want more help in my life, then I need to be more helpful.


Knowing that giving is cyclical, it’s like our body, everything in our body has a job that helps something else, and it’s this constant flow- regenerative, an effortless flow of energy that we all are.  Knowing that whatever we desire starts with ourselves, it starts with our own actions first.  Simple, if we want someone to be nice to us, then we need to be nice to that person first.

Anything you can think of, that you desire more of, then you have to give it out there to the universe… and I think that is beautiful.

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I have this vision when I was a little girl, in Lexington Kentucky. I was with nature, with these weeping willow trees that were so beautiful. I would sit in the yard and watch and feel the wind blow, as if nature was in this dance, like a symphony – ebb and flow. It was a give and take experience with nature, and I believe, that’s what giving is all about.


Nature knows how to give. Nature has it right, and it knows how to receive.

Please take off your blinders and slow down, and look at the amazing giving that happens in the world.

There is one simple act that you can do following the law of giving, just by means of prayer, a simple act of thinking a positive thought for someone, or sending them some love, there is such power in that.

There is also so much giving by just being in contact with someone, like with the woman that’s at the grocery store check out, giving her a smile or a thank you. Sometimes a smile is the first nice thing that a person receives in the entire day or even all week. And it is uplifting.

I believe that if we fill the world with so much goodness in giving, then you need not worry about tomorrow.

Question: How would you apply the Law of Giving in your life? Do you have a “giving moment” that has uplifted you or someone else? How will you spread the goodness in giving to the world and to others?  Please do leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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