Karma has gotten a bad rep! Some say, Karma’s a bitch! But I say, Karma- bring it on!

I love Karma and I love what it stands for.  Karma is really about choices! And I do believe that we all have a choice.

Today’s Life Fire TV episode is another tribute to one of my favorite sources of inspiration and love- Deepak Chopra. The Law of Karma speaks to me as an experience that can be taken as a life lesson.

Karma is a choice maker, and it is something that can keep you in check. And sometimes we say, “oh no Karma is gonna bite me in the ass because I made a bad choice here!” But we can turn it around by looking at this experience as a life lesson, what is life trying to teach me here? What did I learn from this experience?

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I think using karma as a conscious way to live your life is brilliant. For example, we want to have a better relationship with our spouse, we can use karma and think… before I say that really unkind word to my husband, because I’m agitated with him right now, we can ask ourselves, is that going to get me to my goal to have a loving relationship? Is this coming from a positive place?

Another brilliant Karma tip is to use it as a choice-maker. Every time you have something in your life that you want to do, to feel , or say, check in with karma first. Ask yourself, does it feel right? Does it feel good? Am I doing something to uplift someone else?

And always remember, what good you do, that good will come back to you.

Question: How will you apply the law of karma in your life? What is the most significant thing you did that Karma has brought back into your life? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

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