Yes, I confess, I am a raving Deepak Chopra fan!

I felt empowered when I read “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success.”

Everything that I have ever desired, I wanted to feel, be, or do was actually at my fingertips, because we are all one. We are energy waiting to express ourselves.

Welcome to another episode of eternal possibility on Life Fire TV!


Within this episode, I will be sharing my thoughts on the Law of Pure Potentiality by citing my favorite tool to calm my mind, which is mediation.  And through meditation, my big AHA moment came to me- that we can actually create everything we desire- RIGHT NOW.

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Meditation is my application and way of practice of the law of Pure Potentiality.

I found that after I meditate, my mind is really clear and ready to receive any given information, and just the act of meditating everyday, calming my mind and creating space to see what’s right in front of me, to have some clarity of what it is I want my life to be like, or the dream and goal I might be pursuing- that is key for the law of pure potentiality.

And another thing that I think is really valuable, is to open my eyes and look at how effortless life can be, especially in nature.  You can just look at the trees, look at the birds, the grass that’s growing, to see that everything is happening and just be in gratitude for that.

Question: How can you apply the Law of Pure Potentiality, the field of all possibilities, to your life? How has meditation help you de-clutter the noise in your mind to achieve your full and pure potential? Please do leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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