We are All Overcomers and Life Lovers!

But that doesn’t stop us from hitting obstacles and encountering negative emotions. In today’s LifefireTV episode we’re talking about living in the Now Moment. Which I know you may be thinking, “That would be wonderful if I didn’t have all of these stresses and responsibilities.”

I’m not talking about throwing caution to the wind, I’m talking about gaining that amazing, I love myself, I love my life, I feel fabulous feeling.. every day, starting today! Click play on the video to take a look at 4 tips that will helps you beat the obstacles and spend each day in positivity and true joy!

Here are my signature tips and tricks to accomplishing that Feel-Good, Loving Life, Fabulous Now Moment!

Now Moment Promo3 by                                                       . 1. Go and just get that awesome outfit RIGHT NOW, that will make you feel fantastic TODAY – When you can experience feeling great now, that happiness, less stress, and love you have for yourself will help propel you towards the healthy goals you desire to have. Constantly fighting yourself creates stress and won’t do anything to help you! And even if you do get there you’ll feel exhausted and not happy about the process. Go out and buy that sexy outfit in the right size today!

2. Ditch the Numbers! – We as women are always hung up on numbers. Designers use different numbering scales, and it means nothing. Do the numbers still get to you? Here’s another trick. Purchase the piece of clothing that fits your body best, and then immediately cut that size tag off so it’s not glaring you in the face. The size is irrelevant if they look and feel great!

3. Stop the Body Shaming – “I can’t stand my hips, my breasts are saggy, I hate these stretch marks, what is this underarm skin!?” That is body shaming, and it needs to stop! If we’re going to live in a Now Moment of loving our bodies, the self beating has got to stop. Look in the mirror and start seeing all of the beauty that is there, appreciate yourself!

4. Appreciate your own body by remembering how much it does for you – Our bodies are powerful beyond measure, and we often take that for granted each day. We get from point A to point B effortlessly, we can hug our family, we can run, we can love life and live in the Now Moment because our body allows us to.

Question: What will be your first action step in loving your body in the Now Moment?

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