Are You Ready for a Stress Free Morning?

Everyday we wake up and we have to get dressed. For some of you fashionistas that is an exciting thought. But if you’re like most people that thought of ‘What to wear today’ actually translates into, “Oh my gosh, I have nothing to wear! I have a closet full of stuff, but I’m in overwhelm!” and it becomes a stressful situation.

But fear not my friends, today we’re taking a step into my closet and I’ll be giving you simple tips that have made my getting ready process a pleasure and not a chore. I’m going to show you how to be best dressed and not best stressed!

Many of you may know that I am the proud owner of a beautiful boutique here in Las Vegas that carries women and men’s designer attire, shoes, accessories and more – Vasari. Through this journey I have become a bit of a fashion expert if you will, and it’s helped me hone in on some of these go-to tips and tricks.

edit10 (1)This tip is a 2 step process:
1. Learn your body type and find what styles look best on you – How do you do this? Head to a department store or your faovrite local boutique. Try on several different tops, pants and dresses. Find what combo looks great on and makes you feel amazing! These styles will show up all season and make it easy for you to spot the piece you want to try on.

2. Try on the pieces you now know work well, and then buy them in various colors and patterns! – Now you’re in the store, you know what works, you take that top to the dressing room and BAM! The perfect new blouse to add to your collection. Now go back out and get a few colors and patterns of this same piece. This will enable you to switch up your bottoms and accessorize, while making daily dressing completely seamless (pun intended!) This process works for every article of clothing – pants, skirts, dresses, shoes, even jewelry!

When you know what your style is it takes a lot of stress out of shopping.. which is the first step to finding the pieces that will make getting ready each day a total breeze.

It’s so easy.. all you will have to decide is what color you feel like wearing today! No stress, high fashion, feeling good about myself feeling.. that’s what I’m talking about!

Question: What are your easy tips that will help us lessen the stress and be more fashionable?

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