Valentine’s Day is About Gratitude, Love and Hope!

“..When we are in love we are open to all that life has to offer
with passion, excitement and acceptance.”
-John Lennon

Hello Beautiful! Have I told you lately that I love you? Valentine’s Day is a great reminder to let those you care about know how much they’re appreciated.. today, and every day, I am so grateful for YOU, my awesome tribe! Now, let’s get down to business! In today’s LifefireTV episode I have prepared a special love box creation to share with you. Click play to learn a few quick tips to making this the best Valentine’s Day ever!

Love comes in so many forms, shapes and sizes.. so let’s begin this month of hearts with my own box of love, gratitude and hope. Welcome to a love filled episode of LifefireTV!
Today we’re taking it back to grade school!

Love Box Promo3A ‘love box’ (as I like to call it) is the perfect present or addition to your home. Nothing fills the home with so much thankfulness and love like spending time to be grateful for one another.

Sometimes we can forget how much there is to be thankful for in life, let alone every day. You can take a look at the notes in this box when you’re having a family meal, each person takes a slip out and reminisces together. Or at the end of the year as a reevaluation of your amazing experiences! Or how about when you’re feeling a little down, and like life’s punching you in the gut.. pull out all of the positive things that have happened in your life.. and sometimes that’s all you need!

This Love Box is here to help bring you back into reality and truly grasp how wonderful life is.. it’s amazing, beautiful, filled with ups and downs, but we truly have SO much to be grateful for!

Now I’m inviting all of you to put on your creative cap! As adults we get so busy and forget that creativity is what fuels our souls and fills our hearts. Make your own love box and start filling it!

Let’s pay it forward and give one to our friends and families! Put some instructions in there and now you’re taking Valentine’s Day and carrying it through the entire year.

Question: How can you fill your own love box, or someone else’s, with love, gratitude and hope?

While you’re in the Valentine’s Day mood.. Take a look at The Chocolate Lovers Guide to Plant-Based Indulgence eBook as well as the Valentine’s Day Inspired Lunch & Movie Class. You’re in for a stellar Holiday this year!

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