Do Your Days Start with Purpose and Clarity?

When we don’t have a clear plan for our morning we can’t properly accomplish our vision for the day. As we live each day we do what we can, but don’t you think it’s time to create your own Daily Method of Operation so that you can ignite your fire and love your life!

In today’s LifefireTV episode I’m sharing my morning routine.. and giving additional tips about getting your morning, noon & night to be productive and positive experiences. Watch the video below for your new go-to Daily Method of Operation!

In this episode we have a write in from one of our viewers, Sara! She wanted to know how I stay in great shape, eat a healthy diet, spend time with my family, and accomplish daily responsibilities.. this is the inspiration behind the Daily Method of Operation video. And let me tell you, I love this question!

DMO Promo2Gratitude: The moment my eyes open in the morning I say, “Thank you God for another day” there is no better way to start your day than in gratitude!

A Glass of  Water: Before my pretty little feet even hit the ground I grab my glass of water that I prepared the night before and I drink the entire thing. We have to break the fast in the morning and the best way to get your system going is with a refreshing glass of water.

Meditation: The next thing I do is meditate, before I reach for the phone or check the computer. Starting my day in meditation helps me get grounded. Giving myself that private, little space in the morning is really the difference between a chaotic day of disorganization and a day of clarity that runs so much smoother.

Exercise: Your body doesn’t know it’s Saturday or Sunday and to ‘take a break’ ..Which is why I encourage daily exercise! We need to get those muscles working and get some oxygen pumping every day, make it a non negotiable part of your routine! For me I love to run, usually every other day, I’ll mix it up with strength training 3-4 days a week, as well as Yoga and even some kickboxing. Do what you like – Dance, do jumping jacks, take a long walk.. it’s up to your and your body. Exercise is like medicine and our body needs it!

Smoothie Time: 9 times out of 10 my breakfast of choice is a green smoothie! I will load it up with kale, spinach, romaine.. my favorite berries, bananas, flax seeds, and JuicePlus+ protein powder. That’s such a nutrition packed start to your day.

Now game on! The day is ready and I am ready for the day!

Remember to drink plenty of water throughout the day and eat really healthy to stay strong and productive. Make sure to view the episode as I give additional tips on beating the afternoon sluggish feeling and how to prepare for a great night’s sleep!

Question: What daily habits inspire you to live a high energy, low anxiety and super motivated life?

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